Come at visiting our showroom and discovers how pose at practice the technology of Virtual Reality and Reality Augments at the spheres of the health and the education. Will meet the famed Dr.VRING a doctor of renowned world prestige that will permit you take part at an incredible experience. Enters at his laboratory TheVRoom and enjoys of a session 100% practice with the most advanced devices of virtual reality and of reality augmented: Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Mira Augmented Reality, Vuzix and more other devices.

Anatomy in virtual reality

Immersive Medicine Learning

Remote Expert in Ultrasound

Home help telephony

Gaming in virtual reality

Therapy for phobias and ADHD


Moll de Lleida, edifici B1, planta 2, despatx E, 43004, Tarragona. (Maps)


2.5h – 3h.



Maximum 8 persons for session, includes pàrquing and refrigerate for the assistants.

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